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Anders: I have made this place a sanctum of healing and salvation. Why do you threaten it?
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Anne Carson, Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides

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by Hurts

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TEMPLARS DONT READ THIS ok this ones for the mages. so u know when ur robes sometimes get stuck in doorways OKAY templars arent reading anymore. i’m a blood mage hmu

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"But I have been familiar with ruins too long to dislike desolation."

Lord Byron, in a letter to Thomas Moore (via a-pair-of-ragged-claws)
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not of mortal men  -  ⟨listen⟩

A mix for the apostate who believed in freedom, in mages, in good spirits and bad templars, with more fire than the sun.

I. A Slow Parade - A.A Bondy | ll. Wreck Of The Day - Anna Nalick | lll. Your Bones - Of Monsters And Men | lV. Kill and Run - Sia | V. Black Flies - Ben Howard | VI. King - Lauren Aquilina | VI. I Followed Fires - Matthew and the Atlas | VIII. Recovery - James Arthur | IX. My Whole Life - Warmer | X. 27 years - Ben & Alfie

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Velanna's Ears


Velanna: So you not only gave up on killing the Grey Warden who murdered your father, you actually joined the order.
Nathaniel: Are you trying to pick a fight, Velanna? Baiting me like this is juvenile.
Velanna: I just wanted to know how you felt.
Nathaniel: How do you feel knowing you murdered all those people because you were too arrogant to check your facts?
Velanna: Warm and fuzzy.
Nathaniel: You’re a terrible person. And your ears are clownish.
Velanna: What? Who’s juvenile now?


Velanna: You’re staring, Anders. Do I have to shoot you down again?
Anders: I was just admiring your lovely ears.
Velanna: You… you think they’re lovely?
Anders: Certainly! They’re not clown-sized at all. I don’t know why everyone says that.
Velanna: I… I never… They’re not clown-sized!
Anders: I know, I was agreeing with you!


Sigrun: Your ears are so pointy, like an animal. Do they make it easier for you to hear?
Velanna: Are you… are you saying my ears are big?
Sigrun: Not excessively so…
Velanna: You… you think they’re clownish, don’t you?
Sigrun: You know, now that you mention it…
Velanna: I knew it! Don’t talk to me.

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"It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."

Wisdom of Confucius (via demo) (via whalerism)
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What is Columbia if not another Ark, for another time?

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What is Columbia if not another Ark, for another time?

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